Nail clipping is just £5 per dog. 

It is important too keep your dogs nails short and maintained. This makes for easier, more comfortable walking and less scratch marks on your floors!  Although this service will only take a minimal amount of time (5-10 minutes) due to our busy schedule you do still need to make an appointment. Please text / call and I will fit you in as soon as possible.


We en-devour to offer a clean and above all, healthy environment for all the dogs that visit us. Please work with us to ensure that your dog is up to date with flea and worming treatments. Fleas on any dog in our salon cause a lot of additional cleaning, as well as the use of chemicals to kill them, and for this reason we will charge an additional £10 per dog for the application of a flea shampoo and the use of flea spray within our premises

 We are very experienced in de-matting and will always advise about maintaining the coat to prevent it. It is very important to us that the dogs well being comes first. If the coat condition is severe we will need to clip the coat short to prevent damage to the skin and unnecessary stress to your pet, there will be an additional price for this service. Clipping Severe matting may uncover underlying problems which is entirely at the owners risk.

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